Apr. 25th, 2017

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Characters: Rydia, Rydia's mother
Rating: G
Contains: N/A
Wordcount: 1003
Notes: Written for Sev and Rina's Prompt Extravaganza, substitute prompt: "Summon"
Betas: N/A
Summary: Summoning is a harsh lesson for one so young.

Lessons )
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Characters: Yaag Rosch, Jihl Nabaat
Rating: G
Contains: Spoilers
Wordcount: 913
Notes: Written for [personal profile] roseargent in 2017 Chosen by the Crystals.
Betas: None
Summary: He did not come to this in one fell swoop, a sudden jerking turn from a path well-trod; instead, he is the sum of his choices, one by one.

Rosch, in the ruins of the Proudclad.

One Choice at a Time )
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Characters: Quistis
Rating: G
Contains: Spoilers
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Written for the prompt "poor memory"
Betas: none
Summary: Her memory is worse now than ever before.

Read more... )
lassarina: (DelitaxOvelia Suffered Enough)
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Characters: Delita
Rating: G
Contains: Spoilers for Fort Ziekden
Wordcount: 1275
Notes: Written for [community profile] genprompt_bingo, for the prompt "Corpses/Skeletons/Remains"
Betas: None
Summary: This, then, was the worth of the vaunted Beoulve name to those beneath its protection: naught.

The Crumbled Shield )


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