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[personal profile] lassarina
Characters: Celes Chere, Kain Highwind
Rating: G
Contains: N/A
Wordcount: 262
Notes: Written for the 2017 Kiss Battle, for the prompt "Kain/Celes - one blond isn't actually like another."
Summary: He mistakes her for Rosa.

Unlike )
lassarina: (Matoya)
[personal profile] lassarina
Characters: Matoya, F!Black Mage
Rating: G
Contains: N/A
Wordcount: 362
Notes: Written for 2017 Kiss Battle, prompt: "Matoya/Black Mage, any gender combo, fire"
Beta: None
Summary: Even a witch's books might burn.

Flammable )
lassarina: (Rydia)
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Characters: Edge, Kain, Rydia
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Endgame spoilers
Wordcount: 2999
Notes: Written for the FF Kiss Battle. This is entirely [personal profile] seventhe's fault.
Betas: None
Summary: Edge and Rydia arrive on Mt. Ordeals seeking peace and solitude; Kain finds in them rather more.

Breaking the Silence )
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[personal profile] lassarina
Characters: Sarah, Stella [see notes]
Rating: PG
Contains: no content notes
Wordcount: 1090
Notes: Written for the FF Kiss Battle. Stella is one of the characters I gave personality to in my [community profile] moogle_university playthrough; she is a black mage who likes making things go kaboom.
Betas: None
Summary: Being a rescued princess is very little like the stories.

Not Quite Like the Stories )
lassarina: Maria from Final Fantasy II, a purple-haired woman in a white and gold tunic (Maria)
[personal profile] lassarina
Characters: Leon, Maria
Rating: G
Contains: Vague spoilers
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Written for the FF Kiss Battle.
Betas: None
Summary: Apologies are sometimes not enough.

Atonement )
lassarina: (Faces of Magic)
[personal profile] lassarina
Characters: Garland/Princess Sarah
Rating: G
Contains: Spoilers
Wordcount: 646
Notes: Written for the 2013 FF Kiss Battle.
Betas: None
Summary: Sarah wakes from a nightmare; Garland comforts her.

Nightmare )
lassarina: Yuna of FF10 in a wedding dress. (Yuna Wedding Dress)
[personal profile] lassarina
Characters: Yunalesca, Zaon
Rating: PG-13
Contains: Spoilers, violence, character death
Wordcount: 644
Notes: Written for the 2013 FF Kiss Battle
Betas: None
Summary: Zaon promised her forever; never did she think it would end like this. Yunalesca performs the first Final Summoning.

Union )


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