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Name:The Rose In Winter
Location:United States of America
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Community description:A repository of fanfiction
This community is where Lassarina keeps her fanfiction. Only finished pieces are posted here; all are sorted by fandom, character, ship, and length. You can find those details on the tags page.

Warnings/Ratings Policy: I always list spoilers, consent issues of any kind, kink-related content, violence, language, and sexual content of any kind. I do not warn for character death. However, most stories that are not addressing canonical character death will carry a violence label with an R rating. Warnings that are spoilers for the canon will go under a cut, labeled as such.

The fiction runs the gamut of relationship types - I write gen, het, femmeslash, and slash. I write for several fandoms and many ratings, and I'm usually a multishipper.

Currently active fandoms include: Persona 3, Persona 4, Lost Odyssey, Magna Carta, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy IV. Other FF games and other RPGs as the mood strikes me. I update irregularly; I don't generally produce on demand.

I welcome constructive criticism. I do not welcome flames. There's a difference, and I'm well aware of it.

This journal initially existed on LiveJournal as [ profile] athyn and on InsaneJournal as [ profile] angharad.

If you also want to know about me, you can find me at [personal profile] lassarina.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy the stories.
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