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Characters: Sephiroth, Seymour
Rating: G
Contains: Vague spoilers for both games
Wordcount: 310
Notes: Written for the prompt "The day I almost ended the world: Sephiroth and Seymour swap stories" from [personal profile] rosa_heartlily
Betas: None
Summary: They drift past one another, and see an analogue in the other.

Lifestream, Farplane )
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Characters: Lightning, Tifa, Yuna
Rating: G
Contains: Spoilers
Wordcount: 1268
Notes: Written for [personal profile] zen_monk in the 2013 round of DOINK! Final Fantasy Exchange, for the prompt: Tifa, Yuna and Lightning take a moment to talk about things aside from fighting for Cosmos. Both Lightning and Tifa marvel at how much Yuna remembers of her homeworld, and through prompting each try to think of what could be a part of their personal history through Tifa's fists, Lightning's blade and Yuna's duty. The more they know and respect each other, the more they feel less like they're alone together, and more like being lost together.
Betas: n/a
Summary: They're fighting to go back home, but where is home? What good is fighting for something you can't remember?

The Warpath Home )
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Characters: Balthier/Setzer
Rating: G
Contains: Spoilers for Balthier's backstory (through the Phon Coast reveal) and Cyan's introduction (through the Phantom Train.)
Wordcount: 1253
Notes: Written for the December Chocobo Races for [community profile] ff_exchange, the AU/Crossover Theme
Betas: [personal profile] seventhe
Summary: Balthier drops in on the Jidoor Opera, where he maintains a box, only to find an interloper. A most fascinating interloper.

A Fine Performance )
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Characters: Zidane, Locke, Kumop the Moogle Announcer
Rating: PG
Contains: Epic crack. Minor end of game spoilers for both games.
Notes: Written as Chocobo Down for the 2009 round of [ profile] ff_exchange. Prompt: FFVI / FFIX crossover: Zidane VS. Locke: The Final Countdown! Some kind of competition to see who's the best thief-- I mean, treasure-hunter. Moogle announcers optional!
Wordcount: 1165
Summary: It's an epic race through an insane obstacle course to see who can reach the Crystal Trophy!
Beta: None

Thief vs. Treasure Hunter: the Final Countdown! )
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Pairing: Balthier/Celes, Locke/Celes referenced
Rating: PG, this installment
Contains: Spoilers for Balthier's backstory.
Notes: This crossover places characters from FF6 into Ivalice as though they have always been there; personalities remain intact, although backstories may have altered.
Wordcount: 3200
Summary: One of the most valuable lessons a young sky pirate will ever learn is when it is wisest to simply cut his losses and walk away.
Beta: [profile] first_seventhe

The Invaluable Art of Knowing When To Fold, Chapter One )
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Characters/Pairings: Celes Chere, Edge Geraldine, Locke Cole, Rydia Drake (Edge/Rydia, Celes/Locke)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers
Notes: Written for the January 09 round of [community profile] no_true_pair (IJ) Part 1 can be found here.
Summary: Having lost her memory, Celes tries to find a way back to her own world.
Wordcount: 2,526
Beta: [profile] first_seventhe

The Way Home, Part 2 )
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Characters/Pairings: Celes Chere, Edge Geraldine, Rydia Drake (Edge/Rydia, Celes/Locke)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers
Notes: Written for the January 2009 round of IJ [community profile] no_true_pair
Summary: This was not exactly what Edge expected to find on the hunting trip--but it's more interesting than what he expected, so it's not all bad.
Wordcount: 2300
Beta: [personal profile] celeloriel and [profile] first_seventhe

The Way Home, Part 1 )
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Characters/Pairings: Kaim Argonar, Mitsuru Kirijo, Sarah Sisulart (Kaim/Sarah as background)
Rating: PG
Contains: Mild spoilers unto June of Persona 3.
Notes: Written for the January 2009 round of IJ [community profile] no_true_pair.
Summary: They did not expect to find another world within the cave.
Wordcount: 1715
Beta: [personal profile] celeloriel and [profile] churched

A Hope In Hell )
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Characters: Delita, Venat
Rating: G
Contains: Spoilers for both games.
Notes: Written for the February 2008 round of LJ [profile] springkink. Props to [personal profile] mithrigil for the bit about the palings, which has wormed its way into my headcanon and refuses to leave.
Summary: Delita finds something unexpected in the library.
Word Count: 453
Beta: None

Visitation )
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Pairing: Auron/Basch
Rating: R
Contains: Spoilers abound for both games. Also violence.
Notes: Written for the July 2008 round of [ profile] kinkfest. For the prompt, see pairing and summary.
Summary: Neither of them need tell his story, when both look like this.
Word Count: 1600
Beta: The most wonderful [personal profile] celeloriel

The Low Road )
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Characters: Cid Kramer, Cid Fabool
Rating: G
Warnings: Crackover.
Notes: Written for the FF Drabblechat.
Wordcount: 100
Summary: Cid Kramer is somewhat bemused.
Beta: None

Of Cids and Oglops )
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